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Cottonwood & Debris Entering Your Equipment Air Intakes?


Try Pre Vent® Equipment Protection Air Filter can save you thousands of dollars and man hours in maintenance costs by preventing debris from entering your air intakes!

It is made with 3 dimentional polypropylene (a permanent/washable electrostatic media) These filters can be used in any outdoor or indoor environment.

Use Pre Vent® to protect your HVAC air handlers, cooling systems, chillers, condensers, compressors, ground louver inlets and any type of industrial equipment from airborne debris.


  • Installation requires no system modifications or electrical hookups

  • CUSTOM MADE for your exact dimensions

  • Easily affixed to the outer perimeter of the intakes with either hook/loop method or magnetic stripping, Plus gromments and mounting kits.

  • Prevents air borne particles such as cottonwood, insects, leaves, seeds, pollen, birds, construction debris, food processing debris, etc from getting into your air intakes.

  • Easy cleaning with a broom, shop vacuum, or water while still on the unit.


  • Minimize Compressor Failure

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs/Labor

  • Decrease Energy Consumption

  • Hail Damage Protection

  • Maximize Equipment Efficiency

  • Low Initial Air Flow Resistance .02-.05 in. w.g.

  • 5 Year Warranty


For more information or to order Prevent please contact us .
*Since this is a CUSTOM item, we will need to come a measure your units.
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